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Launched: The Mega App – upload and distribute news images using your phone

The Mega Agency has released it’s first mobile app designed specifically for contributors who ‘specialise in breaking news where speed to market is crucial’.










In an email introducing the new app to agency contributors this morning Kevin Smith, founder at Mega wrote: “This tool will provide you with a significant advantage over your competition in the field. Put simply, it is a convenient way for you to upload breaking news content using just your phone – and distribute it within seconds to media customers around the world.”

The Mega mobile app, via iOS, in brief:
• Distribute content to market faster than ever before.
• Transfer images from camera to app and edit on the fly using the latest technology.
• Select territory rights, code share with other photographers and choose content type and exclusivity.
• Pre-load metadata in advance of a job or assignment.
• Receive instant confirmation that your content has been successfully uploaded to the Mega Agency marketplace.

“In a competitive media environment speed counts, and the mega mobile app is a tool to ensure that Mega’s photographers remain one step ahead of the competition,” said Paul Tetley, Mega’s Chief Operating Officer.  “Users can export images from camera to device within seconds before quickly selecting, editing, captioning and uploading content to customers. We realize there are other photography upload apps on the market – but this has been designed specifically for the highly competitive news business. During beta testing photographers have loved its simplicity and ease of use – and how it featured all the key bespoke tools that Mega’s uploader has, including code sharing, territory rights, content type and distribution settings. As well as being a faster way to get your images to customers and Mega’s sales teams, it also means our photographers can travel that little bit lighter – with just their camera, lenses and phone.”

Download and get uploading HERE

Watch the Mega Phone App explainer video HERE

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