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Launched: Vecpho – Microstock creators’ portfolio management agency

Good news this week for Microstock creators – a new management agency called Vecpho has launched which promises to organise and maximise your stock photo portfolio.

PAN tracked down Álvaro García, CEO of Vecpho, after we spotted the launch – here’s what you need to know:

  • PAN – Tell us more about Vecpho – Is this a new business?
    Álvaro – We are not a Stock Site where offer resources to the final user, we are an agency of representation for Micro Stock artists. In that way, our final point consist to help our authors growing in their strategy of distribution with their resources.
    We offer to represent them and promote their portfolio in Stock sites where they are not working with, or looking for improving their incomes future to continue with their new works. Several partnerships with different stock sites make us also help to the Sites to find the content they are looking for to offer their users, making by our part an investigation of what they want and also an account work where they only have to communicate with us, and we make all the rest of work through our clients.

    I don’t think it is a new business, only we see our work can help to the Stock Sites to increase and grow their resources they are looking for because they know their users demand, and help to our clients, the Microstock artists, to leave them working on their artwork, generating new resources in their styles, without invest their time in negotiations and other points not so interested for them where we can be.
  • PAN – How do you help stock photographers?
    Álvaro – We not only work with Stock Photographers, also with artist of illustrations, icons, mockups, footage…, but is really clear that the photographer market is so big. In that way, we want to help to that professional photographers to make their best strategy in their distribution in different stock sites than make them grow their portfolio and their incomes.
    Also, we are detecting many other points which one we want to create to add value for the authors. In the next months, we will start with different Webinars where all our community can join and improve their skills for the quality of their resources or what the sites are asking for to get better offer from them.
  • PAN – What is your background in the industry?
    Álvaro – After years being Growth and Account Manager in Freepik Company, leading an exploration around the world in different Conferences in Bangkok, Baku… I was watching about what the authors were looking for to improve their skills, and how to increase their incomes. Also, getting in contact with different authors around the world, I see there were some needs which one a project as Vecpho could help all of them. So, after left Freepik Company, I started an own finance startup, Loonfy, but with the time, I received several demands from Microstock authors, asking me to help them to distribute their portfolios. In that way, I acquire Vecpho project, and we started months ago with a better image of the agency to create value for the authors of this Stock Market.

    PAN – How does it work?
    Álvaro -We start a simple conversation with the authors, asking for the total of links of sites where they have their portfolio and content to analyze if we can help them to grow, or maybe, some authors are in a really good distribution and we cannot add value to them. After that, we make an agreement of collaboration with them to start working with them. We start the promotion on the Stock Sites where we think they should work and get a good deal to proceed and start working with their resources in the site, and after the author approve the deal we get for them.
    An importante point is our services are for free in a start. We only get a fee for our services, depending on the different deals we get for the author, when the author accept it and after they receive the payment from the site, they send us our services fee. It is a Win-Win collaboration, where we will work hard for them, but we only want to add value for them at the time they get good incomes, we will win for it.

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