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Magnum photo agency has a new president

Magnum photo agency held their Annual General Meeting last week in New York. During the eight day event the agency announced a new president Cristina de Middel.

De Middel initially joined Magnum as a nominee in 2017, then became an associate in 2019. She came to worldwide attention in 2012 with the breakout success of her second book, The Afronauts, having previously worked for a decade as a photojournalist. She has subsequently published nine books, and shown her work around the world at venues including Rencontres d’Arles, Perth Center for Photography, Chobi Mela Festival, and the Museo del Prado.

“I am, of course, honored and also conscious of the responsibility,” says de Middel. “I have never been a president of anything before, but if hard work and respect for the role and the legacy of Magnum is what it takes, then I should be fine. I hope that I can continue the great work that the previous presidents have done, and that I manage to contribute with new ideas and enthusiasm for the group.”

Out going president Olivia Arthur said: “It has been an honor to serve the organization that I love as its president for the past two years and to be there as we celebrated our 75th anniversary. I am also delighted to hand the baton over to someone who I know will continue the mission to lead us with her energy and thoughtfulness. I am excited to see the next years unfold for the future of Magnum.”

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