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Magnum Photos is looking for the next generation of international photographers

South Africa. Johanneburg. Thokoza. 2015. Thabang waking up in the early hours of the morning. Nyaope is South Africa’s “poor man’s heroin”. It is highly addictive and can contain anything from detergent, rat poison or crushed anti-retroviral medications. The drug has gained popularity among young black South Africans in the townships. ©Lindokuhle Sobekwa/MagnumPhotos

Magnum Photos is looking for the next generation of international photographers to join its global artistic co-operative.
The agency is accepting portfolio submissions from all international professional photographers and entries for June 2019 can be made directly through Magnum Photos’ dedicated website. Applicants are required to submit two to three photographic projects, with up to 80 pictures over all projects. The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2019.

MALAYSIA. 2017. From “Shifting Sands”, 2017- on-going. A family takes a walk and goes fishing in an area in southern Malaysia now covered with giant sand dunes. The Danga Bay area is earmarked for a massive residency and commercial development, with much of the land reclaimed. Mangroves nearby appear to have been drowned by sand. The world is running out of sand as Asia’s rapid urbanisation is driving up demand like never before. ©Sim Chi Yin/MagnumPhotos

The process of becoming a full member takes a minimum of four years. Successful applicants will be invited to become a nominee member. After two years, photographers can then apply for associate membership, which allows access to Magnum Photos’ offices worldwide, in London, New York, Paris and Tokyo. After an additional two years, an associate member can present a further portfolio of work to be considered for full membership. Once elected, a full Magnum member remains as such for life, or for as long as the photographer chooses. Recent nominees include Gregory Halpern (USA), Rafal Milach (Poland), Lua Ribeira (Spain), Sim Chi Yin (Singapore) and Lindokuhle Sobekwa (South Africa). Accepted into the agency in June 2018, their quality and diversity, both geographically and visually, represents a new group of photographers who can continue to expand the agency’s legacy.

Magnum Photos’ vision for its own future is supported by its broader commitment to nurturing and attracting new talent. The agency runs several educational initiatives that support learning for aspiring photographers worldwide, through both online and offline experiences.
Thomas Dworzak, Magnum photographer and the agency’s President said: “Today’s new talent form an important part of Magnum’s future. We want to find and nurture the world’s most outstanding photographers, those that have the vision, appetite, creativity, idiosyncrasy and profound storytelling ability that Magnum has represented for over 70 years.”
Vice President, Magnum photographer Olivia Arthur said: “Magnum’s strength has always been in the distinctive and varied voices of its photographers. We are committed to expanding this range of points of view to reflect the complex world we live in.”

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