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Marketing Promo: Beat The Post Price Hike With A Targeted Email Campaign

A BikiniLists promo for readers

1st class postage went up from 46p to 60p yesterday April 30.

That’s an increase of nearly 40% on the cost of your direct mail promotions.

The cost of sending out targeted email campaigns with BikiniLists hasn’t changed since 2008 and won’t be increased this year or next…

So here’s a great cost effective marketing strategy…
1. send out a killer email campaign
2. call the people who click your campaign to get appointments and folio views
3. send a postcard to your dream openers – people who opened your campaign

It’s fast, it’s easy and it works.

And even better:
We’ll give you 20% Off BikiniEmail credits today to save you even more.
Learn more about the deal here