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Marketing your photography

I recently ran an article about a photographers new website – I ran the article because it’s always great to find a working photographer’s website showing clear calls to action which shouts – ‘Call me, I’m ready to shoot for you’!

Brands, art directors at advertising agencies, photo editors at news magazines and newspaper are always looking for new photographers who offer an understanding of how they work.

For a photo editor it’s clear: They want a a good operator who can provide a safe shoot clearly understanding the brief. Understanding the brief is one of the major skills a good photographer will need.

Marketing (or getting noticed) by a photo editor is very simple but so many miss the opportunity when putting a website together. The world wide web really is world wide and that’s a lot of websites, narrow that to our industry photography and that’s still millions of websites.
Marketing is also a simple task but it needs to be consistent and you must live and breath it …and enjoy it!

You know how good your photography is and you know who you should be shooting for – you just need to make sure they see your site.

If you’d like to chat marketing and the photo commission industry in general book a 30 min free call with me (link to online calendar here). If you need me to help you after this I’d be happy to help you market you.

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Photographer P “yes I’d like to say a couple of hours with will made all the difference …..

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