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Mega is on a recruitment drive – for archives …launches The Mega Cloud

“Be smart – and move your archive to an agency built for the future.” – Kevin Smith, Mega’s Founder and President.

The Mega Agency is now giving news, sport and entertainment photographers a quick, easy and efficient way to upload their digital archives – on The Mega Cloud.
The initiative has been launched to add rich editorial content to Mega’s existing archive of more than 30million images and daily production of 10,000 images.

Kevin Smith, Mega’s Founder and President told PAN  “The Mega Agency is on a recruitment drive – for archives. Our ambitious goal is to build a highly curated archive with more than 200 million images within the next two years. Whether it’s a picture of a celebrity on the beach in Hawaii or Mexico, a forgotten collection of rock music icons or galleries of iconic news pictures, Mega wants to be the perfect place to store your work. For too long the compelling collections of hard working photographers have been lying dormant in the archives of old photo agencies and gathering dust.”
“The Mega Cloud will provide a safe haven for the treasures of photographers around the world – and we have a pipeline of exciting new projects that we hope will breathe new life into this historic content. “It seems almost daily there is a headline in our trade press about another iconic agency going into bankruptcy, or changing hands, but rarely safer hands as far as photographers knowing who to trust with their lifetime’s body of work.
“With some struggling agencies going into liquidation or administration, you can never be too careful. “Make sure your life-time’s work is in the hands of an agency where you know it will be safe and continue making money for you for many years to come.”

Here’s how to start uploading your archive to Mega:
1.Contact Mega at with a short message explaining details about your archive – size, number of files, number of sets, what type of content (news, sports, entertainment), highlight outstanding content and where the files are currently situated (either with a company or stored personally).
2. A Mega photo editor will review your submission and make contact with you if there is interest on our part in taking it on.
3. Sort and categorize your archive. Photographers can store archives on multiple devices and hardware so ensure it is stored in one location. Back up your files on an external hard drive or cloud based service so it it is easily accessible.
4. Arrange sets of images into folders and do not be afraid to edit. Less is more in this case. We don’t need 10 frames of the same shot so be ruthless in how you edit your pictures down.
5. Be certain your images are in a jpeg format and make sure all edited files have the same standardized and high quality metadata – including headline, caption and date
6. Mega will write digital scripts to transfer the metadata from your files into Mega’s IPTC information. Mega will also allocate your own unique code to each file to ensure that if a sale is made – the cash flows back to you
7. Mega will upload all your files to our vast digital network within two weeks, barring any technical complications. Our sales teams will be on standby to then pitch your archive to potential customers.
8. Ensure that submitting content to Mega does not contravene any existing relationships you may have with content companies.

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