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Read: ‘My work placement week at Mary Evans Picture Library’ – Photography student Holly Rollins

all photos ©Holly Rollins
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PAN Twitter follower, budding photographer, Holly Rollins is currently studying for a BA in Photography from Falmouth University part of which she has to do a work placement week, which she did at Mary Evans
“I had to undertake a work placement as part of my professional practice module, photo archiving immediately sprung to mind. I have a keen interest in historical imagery so it only seemed logical to try and get some experience within a photo archive or picture library. After some online research, I came across the Mary Evans Picture Library that specialises in selling historical images for commercial use. I sent an email to the head of content at the company and within a day I was lucky enough to be invited to complete a work placement in their archive in Blackheath, London.”….
Read about Holly’s week here and view her photography here