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National Trust instructs Shutterstock to remove all NT property images

Here’s a thread gaining momentum on the Shutterstock Contributors forum: National Trust Properties images removed.

Shutterstock: “On August 27 we received a message from National Trust Properties to remove all images containing their properties from the Shutterstock libraries. These images cannot be resubmitted as editorial and all future images of National Trust Properties will be rejected.

If you had National Trust Properties images in your portfolio and are currently seeing less images available, it was most likely due to this removal. An email about the removal was sent out but may not have been delivered to your inbox by accident, we apologize for the inconvenience ”

One Shutterstock contributor comments: ‘Have just had clarification from the National Trust on this and so long as you are on a public right of way, you are within your rights to take photographs for commercial use of National Trust land/property.
It’s a shame no one stands up to them, they are silly really and it would be more beneficial to them if they struck a deal with stock agencies and took a small cut of sales instead of being heavy handed.’
…..Follow this here

This could be a major problem for some specialist (and a few of the big) picture libraries with content from contributors who don’t have a license-to-shoot NT properties….
Have you had a note from NT? Are they even allowed to pull these images? – email me on

• National Trust Visitor FAQ’s covers photography
• Great guide here from Shutterstock Known Image Restrictions – Places & Landmarks