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New Photo Collective Launches: Prime

Prime is a new photographic cooperative launched by photographers Dominic Bracco II, Melanie Burford, Brendan Hoffman, Charlie Mahoney, Lance Rosenfield, and Max Whittaker. The agency has offices in North America and Europe with members based in new York, Washington, Barcelona and Sacramento. The site features portfolios from each founding member, sensible blog and a multimedia page.
They say – “we are united by our firm belief in the power of the image, the importance of pursuing self-directed projects and stories we believe in, and our commitment to journalistic integrity. By working in cooperation, we hope to further several goals: to reinforce the importance of, and market for, photography; to use economies of scale to increase the financial viability of our own careers; and to share information and motivation between ourselves to constantly improve our photographic abilities.”
“We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge right off the bat that we’re clearly standing on the shoulders of others. The guys and gals over at Luceo, MJR, Oculi, and Moment, not to mention Magnum, VII, Noor, or any of the numerous European collectives, have been blazing this trail for some time now. Their success has been a big inspiration.”