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New Photo Project: ‘The French In Pictures’ includes Roger-Viollet image collection

An online photo sharing history project has been launched in France featuring images from one of France’s oldest and most intact commercial photo agencies Roger-Viollet.
The project – online at – is the first participatory platform dedicated to the photographic heritage of the French.
Looks like the idea is for anyone to upload images and add a story adding which will make up an ongoing photographic historical record of everything French.
They say:(via Google translate) ‘Photo sharing site invites French to participate in the writing of their collective memory in a permanent effervescence that values ​​diversity of views on our history. Participants keep in mind that they are addressed via this site for future generations, which they leave a legacy of personal archives telling almost two centuries of French history through the prism of photography since its invention in 1826.’
…’this site allows everyone to make available to everyone, today, iconic images of our time and our society, the idea of ​​transmitting to future generations a visual record of the history social and cultural life of the French.’ …More on the project here

Thanks to PAN reader photographer Lionel Derimais for sending over a link to this project.

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