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New picture library: Arms and armour

In the UK The Royal Armouries has launched their own photo library Royal Armouries Image Library.
‘Over 16,000 high resolution images across the entire range of our collection and can be licensed for a range of media, including book publishing, magazines, television, film production, and digital products, such as website content and ebooks.’

The Royal Armouries is Britain’s national museum of arms and armour. Its origins lie in the Middle Ages, and at its core is the celebrated collection originating in the nation’s arsenal, assembled over many centuries at the Tower of London.   The Royal Armouries recognises that some of the most compelling narratives of human experience have been shaped by arms and armour, and the consequences of their use is all around us. Their development has drawn on contributions from great scientists, craftsmen and artists and these objects provide a unique route to understanding history and cultures from Britain and the world.

Photo themes and galleries will help you navigate the collection

They say: “We have a dedicated team with excellent knowledge of our collection, who can help you find the perfect image for your needs. They can advise on licensing existing images, scanning from our library and archive collection and commissioning new photography of objects. All our images are consistently quality controlled, and we are always happy to discuss projects with clients and make further suggestions.”

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