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New website: Domeble – premium rights managed automotive images

New home page intro

London based premium rights managed automotive stock library Domeble are online with a brand new website this week.
Domeble is a collection of the highest resolution CGI backplates and matched 360° HDRIs as well as 360° Super-res VR assets for the automotive, advertising, gaming and immersive tech worlds. 

Founded in 2017 by automotive image-maker Carl Lyttle who told PAN: “We launched the new site yesterday, which was developed from a ground up build with an emphasis on not just traditional Cgi backplates and supporting HDRI’s, but in the exciting sector of VR, which we are very excited about and are continually developing our products to embrace the opportunities that our 360° content are creating in the immersive tech world.”
• Some highlighted clients are Nissan, Mercedes, Honda, Audi, Ram, Buick, Jaguar landcover, as well as many advertising agencies globally.

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