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Opening soon: Museum of War Photography

A museum dedicated to war photography will open its doors in Zagreb, Croatia early July.
The museums first exhibition has been funded through a crowed funded call  – ‘we collected more than $8000 for the costs of running the first exhibition. This exhibition will feature professional photos depicting horrors of war, but also amateur photos and stories showing how war looks like from the perspective of ordinary people.’
Why we decided to open a museum?

Museum’s purpose is to respond to the increasing trivialization of war and its consequences. Public discourse regarding armed conflict has become increasingly callous and indifferent, even though here in Croatia we lived through a horrific conflict 23 years ago and still feel today its social as well as economic consequences. We intend to counteract these tendencies through photography, documentaries and informative events. The goal is to have an informed dialogue with visitors and educate them about the devastating consequences of war and the imperative of peace for everyone.


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