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PantherMedia updates AI image search – prepares for voice search

Munich, Germany based photo agency PantherMedia have updated their search experience on the platform this week, here are the highlights:

• PantherMedia’s focus for the redesign, was firmly on increasing the quality of the results. The challenge when searching in an archive of more than 100 million images contributed by more than 50,000 photographers with different philosophies for keywording across several languages is to make the correct translations of the photographer’s keywords and search terms of the customers.
• PantherMedia has achieved decisive improvements by eliminating translations as much as possible and now only having translation in one place now, the search query itself. Every search is now always carried in the original image description language, which leads to a significantly better quality of the results. Along with that the uncoupling from the historic approach of complex thesauri and vocabulary tables has also added to an significantly increased speed of the search. This is all made possible by using language APIs and AI. New search languages can now be added in a matter of minutes. PantherMedia is trying to let as many customers as possible search in their native language.
• At the same time, PantherMedia has made its search entry ready for the age of voice assistants. Chrome users can already use speech entry the same way they are used to from smart phones, for example. Describing a desired image more accurately without the hassle of typing leads to a tremendous increase in the accuracy of results.

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