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Pexels agency photographers donate 25,000 images for wildlife awareness

Over 4,400 contributing photographers at free stock photo platform Pexels have donated 25,000 photos and videos of wildlife from all around the world in the agency’s Better Future for Animals challenge.

In March the International Fund for Animal Welfare asked Pexels to help raise awareness for their crucial mission.
The Mission: Help Spread IFAW’s Message Through Photography.

Pexels say: ‘This content is now available in the Pexels library for anyone to use for their creative projects, helping to increase our representation of the incredible diversity of wildlife and aiding in IFAW’s [International Fund for Animal Welfare] efforts to spread their message further.’

“Imagery brings our work to life,” says Stacie Paxton Cobos, IFAW’s VP of Brand Communications and Marketing. “From rescuing individual animals and releasing them into secure habitats to safeguarding entire populations and geographies – IFAW relies on compelling visuals to tell our story.”

Adds Stacie: “These images deliver 25,000 opportunities to connect with someone and inspire them to join our team as we build a world where animals and people can thrive together.”

Not only are we truly impressed by just how many images were donated by the community, we’re also excited to see just how creative and wide-ranging this wildlife imagery is. Much of the work of conversation involves educating people on lesser-known species, so diverse visual content is especially helpful for IFAW.

“The incredible range of species and landscapes represented – I wasn’t expecting to see an Australian echidna or a fennec fox, but I’m so glad I did,” says Stacie. “IFAW’s work truly touches all species because of our holistic approach, so it’s fantastic to see lesser-known animals get some love.”

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