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40 year old French editorial photo agency declared bankrupt

The French press photo agency Cosmos photo is in liquidation  – officially declared bankrupt 25th October by the Tribunal of the Paris Chamber of Commerce.
COSMOS distribution photo agencies around the world are contacting photographers re continued representation.
For the record, here is the detail about the agency – in case the website disappears.

‘When created in 1979, Cosmos was mainly meant to syndicate in France reports from foreign photographers and agencies.
With the computer revolution and the market changes, Cosmos had to evolve. It bowed to today’s necessities adapting to new technologies, and widened its sphere of operations to a dozen countries.
Now the agency represents more than forty photographers in France and abroad. A gallery is used to exhibit for the public at large, pictures that are not always published in the press. More than thirty years after its creation, Cosmos survived the medias’ upheavals.
The agency put its knowledge and experience for the photographers’ benefit and allows them to work with complete freedom. Its objective has always stayed the same: favour both the authors and in-depth reports on social issues.
Showing the world how it is, photographers always hope to arouse people’s awareness and take part in positive changes. Our role is to make their images visible by the greater number.

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  • It’s so sad that Getty is causing more and more incredible photo agencies to close due to their insane prices. Their monopoly will be the end of us all… and surely to be followed by insane price hikes once they bankrupt all their competition.
    Clients subscribing to Getty deals should understand that they are supporting a monopoly that is killing the photo industry world wide.

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