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Photo agency eyevine will license Guardian & Observer photography

London based editorial photo agency eyevine has been appointed by Guardian News & Media (GNM) to license the photography of the Guardian and Observer newspapers. The exclusive deal will consolidate  sales activity and optimise licensing opportunities worldwide.

Graham Cross, co-founder and Director of eyevine told PAN:  “For decades we have worked closely with both photographers and picture editors at the Guardian and Observer, so this opportunity to streamline, combine and focus our different skills is completely natural and will benefit all those involved. Photographers commissioned by GNM will continue to deliver assignments as before; following publication, images will be syndicated by eyevine across the globe through its London sales team, sub-agents and digital platform, giving licensees in all sectors quick and easy access to use Guardian and Observer photography.

Fiona Shields, Head of Photography at GNM told us:“The Guardian and Observer remain at the forefront of editorial photography across the globe; we commission over 3,000 picture assignments per year to support our global news gathering and magazine operations, as well as sport, features and interviews, including portraiture of political, cultural and sporting figures. GNM also has a worldwide reputation for its investigative and campaigning journalism, the power and success of which has been enhanced by high quality imagery. Our new collaboration with eyevine is an excellent opportunity to ensure we share more of our photography with publishers and readers around the world, while further enhancing the reputation of The Guardian and Observer and profile of our staff and freelance photographers.”

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