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Photo Agency Favours Image Bidding Over Credits

UK headquartered stock photo agency Pocketstock has launched bidder, ‘a revolutionary new way to buy stock photos’.
They say” Before bidder, a royalty free stock photo buyer needed to purchase photo credits, limited by expiration dates, simply to have the opportunity to purchase microstock images. The stock photography seller, not the buyer, had total control through the “noose” that is credits.
With bidder, a stock photo buyer simply selects an image, bids and buys at a newly agreed price. At Pocketstock all prices are negotiable, bidder ends fixed pricing and eliminates photo credits in one move. bidder puts the stock photo buyer in control.  As a result, bidder disrupts the pricing and revenue models of giants like iStock, Shutterstock and Fotolia in the $5billion stock photography industry.

“Tens of millions of stock photo credits go unused and expire every year,”said Russell Glenister, Pocketstock CEO.  “Buyers are forced to purchase more credits than they need, get hooked into the addictive bad habit of buying these credits, and have no say at all on pricing.  Pocketstock’s introduction of bidder is the revolutionary change that fixes this badly flawed system.”
Watch how it works here
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