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Photo: Keystone Press Agency 1981 – Are You There?!

Staff at Keystone Press Agency around 1981
Photographer David Levenson has sent us this image and named most of those in it – on our Press Photo History site now.
‘This is a scan of the print that was on the staff notice board in the last days of Keystone being a proper Press Agency, after Colour Library International had bought the company.’
We called it the “Curse of the Black Spot” picture, because every time someone in the photo left, we put a black spot on their forehead….so as you can see, most were quickly made redundant….

‘(no 10) is the owner Bertram Garai – who a couple of years back I saw driving a mobility scooter down the centre line of Woking High Street, dapper as ever in a white linen suit and fedora!’…..

This article is Updating almost daily – See who else is was there:

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