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PAN Photo Special: View from the photo agency MD’s desk – see where they work! asked Managing Directors and Owners of photo agencies and picture libraries around the world to send us a shot of the view from their desk – as they see it …in their own style.
Some fabulous images came back with some still promised – see the first batch below. Thanks all!

UPDATE: 30 March ↓ Continuing on from our own office selfie posted on Friday, celebrity photo agency Fame -Flynet London have sent their own updated agency desk selfie.

15 May 2014:
WOW! ↑ Desk owner: Elbie Lebrecht Managing Director of Lebrecht Music & Arts
‘Dear Will, Here is a fun view from my desk- it was created by our intern Patricia Arriaza – we get some incredibly creative people coming to work with us at Lebrecht’.

London Fog
↑ Desk owner:Stephen Simpson & Ben Cawthra Managing Directors at London News Pictures “Hi Will, Two pics attached Ben’s is laptop, mine the desk – thought we’d try and say how we run the company in two pics. It’s often both of us out and about. Cheers, Stephen”

↑ Desk owner: Suzanne Viner Managing Director at The Advertising Archives ” My desk!”

fotoLibraDeskOnPANOffice Window 22 MVR
London office ↑ Desk owner: Gwyn Headley Managing Director at fotoLibra
…and in the Harlech Beach, Wales based office ↓ – he gets about!
Harlech Beach

Arcangel desk
↑ Desk owner: Michael Mascaro Managing Director Arcangel Images
“Will, My home away from home at Arcangel.”

_JEN0228 edit
↑ Desk owner: Gary Shenk CEO at Corbis …He’s ‘on-trend’ with the black and white theme!

Paul Harris Desk
↑ Desk owner: Paul Harris Managing Director Pacific Coast News
Will, “Delighted to contribute, this is my desk at my Woodland Hills home where I work 4 days a week, the other 3 days I go to our Venice office.

Both pictures on the screen are mine, Jonathan Ives Apple head designer and Novak Djokovic the tennis player, admittedly not taken recently, also on the iPad PCN’s latest Miley Cyrus exclusive video on TMZ.

March 18, 2014 The desk of Paul Harris owner of Pacific Coast News at his Woodland Hills home, on the screen are Paul Harris photos of Jonathan Ive and Novak Djokovic, on the iPad the latest exclusive video of Miley Cyrus in New Orleans photographed by Pacific Coast News photographers. Also a 67 year old Teddy Bear. Photograph: © Paul Harris, PacificCoastNews. Los Angeles Office: +1 310.822.0419 London Office: +44 208.090.4079 FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE
…and the Teddy Bear, well here is an explanation, you are welcome to use the pictures and story, its true !!! well in a tabloid way, Teddy did not drive himself to Heathrow.

67 years ago in 1946 Kitty Harris bought a Teddy Bear for her son Paul Harris, 30 years later Paul Harris left for Africa, abandoning his mother and Teddy Bear but they found solace together. Paul ended up owning in the USA that he sold to Getty Images in 1999, in 2004 he founded with 2 partners Pacific Coast News in California. In February 2014 Kitty Harris died at 93, Teddy Drove to London after the funeral determined to get to California, he made it and laid poolside at Paul’s home in March 2014 remembering 67 years.”
Regards, Paul Harris.

↑ Desk owner: Matt Shonfeld Executive Director INSTITUTE – Modern!

↑ Desk owner: Leslie Simitch Executive Vice President Trunk Archive
“Will, Voila! xL …ps It would seem that I need a wireless keyboard :)” Yup!

↑ Desk owner: Peter Sachs THE KLEMANTASKI COLLECTION All aspects of running a busy motorsport archive all on one desk.

↑ Desk owner: Jesse Hughes Director of Sales and Marketing Erickson Stock …Relaaaax

↑ Desk owner: Lloyd Beiny CEO WENN Loves his brand does Lloyd!

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