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Photographer Phil Stern’s biz card: ‘Don’t f**k around with me’

↑ Danny at CPi – “This is one of our favorite pieces of Phil Stern memorabilia. The very bottom line sums up Phil in a nutshell!!”

We had notice of photographer Phil Stern’s death last week via his photo agency CPi. Danny at CPi then sent us the full announcement from Phil’s family and a copy of Phil’s business card – above. …We are getting to like Mr Stern the more we read about him!

Stern family notice:
As you may or may not know, Phil Stern passed away on 12/13/14 around 6:30 PM at the VA Medical Center in West Los Angeles. His extraordinary life was full, done in his own way, and left an iconic body of work. The Stern family is eternally grateful for the flood of supportive phone calls, emails, and posts on the web. Phil clearly touched and inspired almost everyone he came in contact with.

The Stern family will sorely miss his presence, which ever so dramatically enhanced our lives. In keeping with his wishes, we are in the process of having his body donated to medical research. As a pillar of practicality, he said “I want to be disposed of in the most practical manner possible.” We will be receiving his ashes in 6-8 weeks and will spread them behind our house in Agoura Hills amongst other family members. Details to follow. There will be no formal service conducted by the Stern family.

We understand there is a tradition during these sad times to donate to a worthy cause in the name of the deceased. In lieu of this, we are asking for donations to continue the Phil Stern Legacy with the completion of a documentary on Phil and his life’s works. This documentary has been in the works for over 6 years and captures some of the most memorable moments in Phil’s career such as his acceptance of the Sony World Photography Lifetime Achievement Award, the Beverly Hills Film Festival, his 90th birthday with family and friends, and most recently his visit to Sicily where he saw battle in WWII. If any proceeds should come to the Stern family from this documentary, they will be donated to pancreatic cancer research in honor of Phil’s beloved daughter Lata, who died from this terrible disease in 2008. Please donate whatever you can at this link

Again, thank you for the support during these trying times and always,

Peter Stern

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