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Picture Request: ‘Wonderful’ Floral Stock Photos – major brand ad campaign

This request just in to from a designer at a major brand

Hi Will

Great to chat to you just now, and wonderful to hear you know of us and our products…we’re on the same page already! J

As you are familiar with our work, you can probably gauge that style and gorgeousness is integral to what we do and myself and design team included are quite bored of the lack of style and really cool stuff from your mainstream players; istock, shutterstock etc. So I’ve recently been going round in circles trying to think outside the box to access websites filled with wonderful imagery; illustrations and photos.

I’m looking for several sources, as many as you like really, that we can refer to on a continuous basis, so not just a one off project.

As an idea…

One project we are currently working on is very floral specific. So thinking illustrative backgrounds for floral clock faces.

And another; vintage kitchen. Think 1950s ladies baking, that kind of thing…

I know they’re out there somewhere, I just can’t find where! Where do all the super cool big designers, mags; LivingEtc, Wallpaper all those guys, where do they go!? It’s this level of style I’m struggling to find.

If you have images to match the brief – email and I’ll put you in touch with the designer.