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PPHP Latest: Peter Smith – ‘My life in Fleet Street’

…..’After negotiating a few bundles of papers thrown from the vans I ran in to Salisbury Court and found the entrance in an alley way leading to St Brides Church and gingerly poked my head around the door. “Come in lad, just don’t stand there” came a friendly voice peering over a newspaper. It was Mr Jones, Picture Editor, Jonah, as he was fondly known by his colleagues and whom I had met the week before during my interview. I was introduced to the head messenger boy, “he will show you the ropes”; he said and left to carry on with his work. And so I started my career as a messenger boy with the Associated Press Photos at the age of sixteen earning the princely sum of £2.10 shillings a week. One of my priority duties was to get a regular supply of tea for the photographers who had just come back from an assignment. Boy! Get the tea-I would grab an old enamel jug, the photographer would give me sixpence and I would go across the road to Manzies and get the tea as well as thick buttered cheese rolls……
Peter Smith ex Fleet Street photographer and photo editor has contacted the PPHP from South Africa where he is retired…. he still shoots for pleasure and loves his life in SA. He is back in the UK next year to visit family and will be fitting in a visit to a Fleet Street pub with friends..the PPHP is looking forward to a few beers and more memories.. Here is his story: / ‘My life in Fleet Street’