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Read: Photo Library owner exposes photo image buying scam

Gwyn Headley, the boss at photo library fotoLibra, has identified a credit card scam set up by a bogus contributor to the library.

….This is how it works. First ‘You’ steal someone’s credit card details. Then You join fotoLibra as a free member and upload one picture. Then You join fotoLibra as a buyer, using the name on the stolen credit card. Then You buy the picture You’ve just uploaded for a humungous amount of money, using Your stolen credit card….
…There was an incident last year when an Indonesian photographer uploaded a couple of images and six hours later two separate women in the USA signed up as buyers and bought his images for large sums of money. We notify photographers of sales every 30 days, but somehow our Indonesian chummy felt sure his images had been sold long before we would have informed him and pestered us daily to pay him ‘his’ money. We didn’t,… read Gwyn’s full account here: Perpetual Vigilance

thanks for flagging this up Gwyn