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Right or Wrong? – Kate Topless Photos – Photo Agency Owners React

Following the recent publication of the papped Princess we asked five celebrity photo agency owners for their thoughts on the gear used to snap the princess – was it a private or fair game situation, and would they have taken them on to syndicate?

Three declined to comment – two sent us this:

Brandy Navarre, owner, in LA: Thanks for emailing. The pix aren’t ours, as you seem to know already. It appears they were taken with a 500 or 800mm lens from quite a distance and with our limited knowledge of the private property, it would seem the photographer was either actually trespassing our constructively trespassing (via the use of a telephoto lens), making the taking of these photographs pretty legally risky. That said, if the pool is easily visible from public property, the royals would have had no reasonable expectation of privacy, making these shots fair game.

David Taylor – Owner Xposure Photos in the UK: I would say the pics were probably taken with something like a 600ml Lens, possibly bigger or with a doubler.

These pics are definitely an invasion of privacy and if I would have been offered them, there is no way, I would touch them.

There is an issue here from a security point of view though and shooting a picture with a camera of a royal is far less serious than shooting a royal with a high calibre rifle, if you get my point..however and sorry to change the subject 😉 I would say that the photographer must have had information as I would very much doubt he stumbled across the fact that the royals were staying at the house and I would be very surprised if he followed them there but if the pap did follow that’s even more concerning!! As far as the UK paps are concerned and in general, royal intrusion is a no go area full stop, unless of course Prince Harry wants to play strip poker with some Vegas lovelies 🙂 🙂

Bottom line here is that the french paps would just think of these shots as loads of money in the bank as there’s no morality in this scenario for them and they would not be too worried about how the UK would react..where as I would be going into a nervous fit just by being shown the pics……