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Ross MacRae – ‘The Asia Photo Marketing Contact Lists Are Ready’

PAN advertiser and fotofringe London sponsor Bikini Lists are now offering BikiniAsia 2012 – instant access to oodles of new stock image buyers in Japan, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore and more..

PAN caught up with BikiniLists MD Ross MacRae on Friday to find out more:

PAN: How long have you been working on these new marketing lists?
Ross:About 24 months – finding and setting up the research team took a while, but after finding the right people and instigating the bikini research system it prob took a year to get the list up to the current size.

PAN: Do you have local language staff working on the lists?
Ross: Yes we have a truly international research team now… London, Paris, New York, Shanghai, Mumbai and Australia.
Speaking 8 Languages full time with regular industry-savvy freelancers for other languages too!

PAN: How many names/companies are on the lists
Ross: BikiniAsia currently is at 3,500 verified contacts and growing every day, we verify around 150 – 200 new contacts per week, and we re-verify our existing contacts on a rolling 90 day cycle as with all our data…
and we hope to be at 5,000+ by the end of the year

PAN: What was the hardest elements of creating these lists?
Ross: Finding the right researchers, identifying the right creative companies, refining the research in each territory – er… its all difficult.
That’s probably why no-one has done it before.

PAN: What type of companies are on the lists?
Ross: Currently Advertising Agencies and TV & Film production companies – plans are to move into editorial accross all our countries in the future

PAN: Would I need to market to the companies on the lists in they language?
Ross: English is used in these countries – and these people are all about images right?
Our subscribers are getting similar open and click rates as they do in existing territories, which shows the message is getting through, and heres a direct quote form one of our happy BikiniAsia subs…
“They all speak english… and to be honest, we dont have to follow up – they come to us off the back of our email promos… Plus the network Ad Agencies tend to have been set up by execs from the States or Europe and worked with some of them in the past”

Register for your free trial here: BikiniAsia or call them for a chat: Tel +44 141 636 3901