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Searching For: Celebrity Photographer Hamilton Millard – worked 1957 to 1968

Updated: 5 August 2019: View the update on our Press Photo History project.

First published August 2018 Over on our Press Photo History project we have had a request for any information on celebrity/editorial photographer Hamilton Millard. More here

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  • Hello!
    I’m a picture researcher in the Finnish Broacastin Company Yle and I am now archiving negatives of a Finnish photographer who worked for one Finnish film company in the 1960ies.
    I found a series named “Hamilton Millard looking for girls”, 1962.
    The photos are shot in Helsinki.
    I could send you a pdf gallery of the images so that you can confirm that it’s the same person you are looking for information.
    I would be pleased if you could send me some information of him as well.
    Yours sincerely
    Ms Eila Haikarainen
    Yle Archive
    PB 61, FIN-00024 YLEISRADIO

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