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Searching for Photographers: Impact Photos uncollected images

Impact Photos formed 1981, taken over in 2005 then officially stopped trading in 2017. The negatives and transparencies have been sorted and photographers identified and contacted over a number of months of hard work by a group of caring photographers. They have now got to a final list below.  All unclaimed photos will have to be thrown away soon.

If you are on this list and want to save your images then get in touch.

‘Here is the list of the photographers we are waiting to hear from urgently as we have to vacate the premises where we’ve been working since November. In a week’s time we probably will have to throw away all the unclaimed pictures. ‘
To arrange collection email or

Gavin Milverton

Andrew Moore

Tom Kelly


Neil Morrison

Richard McCaig

Miroslav Milivojevic

Peter or Panayiotis Sofroniou

Chris Parker

Anne-Marie Purkiss

Tony Paige

David Stewart-Smith

Ken Graham

John Sims aka John Ferro Sims

Andrew Smith

Dan White

Terry White

Dominic Sansoni

David Slimings

Nigel Amies

Michael George

Steve Connors

Michael Dent

Simon Cooper (12 sheets and a box)

Anthony (aka Tony aka A.J) Deane

David Gallant

Jerry Flynn

Sergio Dorantes

Jean (sometimes credited as Jean & John) Hitchings

Philip Gordon

Alex Huber

Michael Good

Steven Hird

James Fraser (still working in Scotland)

Ana Gonzales

Robert Gibbs

Giles Askham

Eliza Armstrong

Nigel Barkley

George Brooks

Stewart Clarke

Marc Clériot

Emile D’Edesse

John Evans

David Freeman

John Freeman

Paul Freestone

Sarah Franklyn

Adrian Ford

Tim Fisher

Kristian Frires

Gavin Goulder

Tim Gunner

Carlos Guarita

Claire Godfrey

Michael Gover

Kaveh Golestan

Jane Greening

Rahul SenGupta

Alistair Guild

Bob Hobby

David Harden

Remon Haazen

Jeremy Horner

Erol Houssein

David Henley

Chris Joyce

Chris (aka Christine) Kelly

Toby Key 

Kaj Kusnetsov

Jed Leicester

Bill Lyons

John Londei 

Jon Lister

Brian Leonard

Justin Leyton

Mel Longhurst

Wendy Levine

Philip Littleton

Paul Lowe

Antony Miles

John Miles

Douglas MacGregor

Sorin Masca

David Martin

Charles Milligan

Harvey Male

Rachel Morton

Trevor Morgan

Steve Moss

Alice Mason

H. Marstrand

Peter Murphy (pictures of the Factory in Manchester)

Gary John Norman

Marc Nanzer

Paul O’Driscoll

Francesca Odell

Billy Paddock

Dave Paterson

Gary Parker

Christine Porter

Steven Pahlke

Cristina Pawel

Marcus Pietrek 

Jonathan Pimlott

Tom Picton

Rupert Peterson

Dudley Reed

Francesca Rizzoli

Jim Rice

Karl Robertson

Luca Romano

Bill Robinson

Derek Redfern

Kim Sayer

Steve Sandon

David Silverberg

Colin Shaw

Steve Shipman

Andy Solomon

Paul Simmons

Lesley Smith 

Dick Scott-Stewart

Frank Schroeter

Anthony Taylor

Rajesh Vora

John Walmsley

Edward Webb

Hannes Wallrafen

Stewart Weir

Alex Williams

Peter Whyte

Charles Worthington

Sarah Worker

James Willis

Martin West

Max Whittaker

Andy Watts

Dave Young

View more on the project to repatriate the images here

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