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Shooting nature stock photos in lockdown

Portrait of female rag doll cat , Chloe, relaxing on a couch whilst her owner, checks her phone. Brighton, Victoria, Australia. April 2020. Model released.

Some smart and adaptive stock photo creation here from the contributing photographers at Nature Picture Library who have continued shooting through the Covid situation. – also – the agency has highlighted their photographers Covid lockdown stories on a couple of blog posts …below.

Nature PL say: ‘Many of our photographers have been living in lockdown during the spring of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here we show how they have managed to shoot some really interesting images in challenging circumstances. From all parts of the UK and USA, Italy and Norway, India, Galapagos and Australia, our contributors found some amazing subjects, often literally on their doorstep!

Photographer Alex Hyde working from home whilst carrying baby daughter during the Covid-19 Pandemic, April 2020

To read the stories behind the lockdown images in this gallery, please take a look at our Photographers in Lockdown blog posts. Part 1 has a UK and European focus, while Part 2 talks about lockdown around the world.

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