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Shutterstock Creative Trends 2018 – view the top 11

According to Shutterstock “the popularity of the Cactus” is up 261%

Here are the top 11 major image trends…
• Fantasy
• New Minimalism
• Space
• Natural Luxury
• Punchy Pastels
• A Global March
• Cactus
• Digital Crafts
• Ancient Geometrics
• Crypto Currency
• Holographic Foil

Here’s what they say about them…
Shutterstock have released their 2018 Creative Trends report.  The major trends identified in this report, from Fantasy to New Minimalism, are determined by analyzing billions of searches within Shutterstock’s collection of 170 million images by customers including those in the advertising, film, and media industries. The data gathered over the past year across images, videos, and music helped to determine the standout ideas and concepts that they believe will influence creative direction and design aesthetics in 2018. View the trends by visuals here.

“Now in its seventh year, our Creative Trends report inspires creative professionals all over the world as they strategize creative planning for the year ahead,” said Shutterstock’s Curator, Robyn Lange. “Our 2017 report was particularly accurate in its predictions, identifying trends like ‘Glitch’ early on. Throughout the year we watched as the style grew, developed, and thrived into major campaign themes for brands across the world. We look forward to watching 2018’s trends blossom the same way.”

Shutterstock predicts major trends that will dominate popular culture as well as emerging trends that will burst onto the design scene this year, like Holographic Foil and Natural Luxury. A team of data scientists, creative professionals, and content reviewers interpreted year-over-year surges in 2017 to compile a cohesive list of 11 styles that will permeate design in 2018  as well as showcasing 20 country specific trends.


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