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Snowdon Royal family photo collection now exclusive (again) at Camera Press

This just in …..
London based photo agency Camera Press are back in charge of world licensing for photographer Lord Snowdon’s Royal family portfolio – the collection was most recently represented by Trunk Archive in New York.

Camera Press told “We are delighted to announce that Lord Snowdon’s amazing portfolio of iconic royal photography is available once more exclusively via Camera Press.”
“Snowdon is the only photographer to have had sittings with The Queen throughout her long reign: From the young Queen and mother, through to the Diamond wedding anniversary and her 80th birthday, all have been captured on film by Snowdon. He took the first official photographs of the young Princess Diana on the announcement of her engagement to Prince Charles, and over the years his classic portraits captured her transformation from shy fiancee to the chic fashion icon of her final sittings. He remains a favourite photographer of the Royal Family.”
View and start licensing Snowdon Royal images here

We reported in May 2014 Snowdon At Trunk – Exclusive Worldwide Image Licensing this appears to be just the main Snowdon archive now.

Thanks for the heads up on this news late yesterday from PAN reader and fine photo researcher Tom Broadbent.
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