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Splash To Getty Images Photographers – ‘It’s 50% With Us!’

***BREAKING NEWS – PAN Exclusive***

Following the news that Getty Images is cutting editorial photographers revenue percentages to 35% (first reported on PDNPulse) started getting emails and calls suggesting celebrity photo agency Splash (recently bought by Corbis) are going to pick up the tab offering Getty Images contributors 50% revenue share if they join the agency…. so we made a call…

We contacted Gary Morgan (photo above), founder and MD at Splash to verify the news this is what he told us: “Yes, Splash will offer any Getty photographer we take on a 50-50 revenue share agreement. I welcome them to contact me. We want to keep photographer revenue up and we want to build a community of photographers who push themselves daily for that shot.”
“With our 60-country syndication network and selling direct in 11 of the main territories Splash can provide the photographers a greater opportunity to sell their work to a global audience. Splash is the world’s leading entertainment content provider and with Corbis as our parent company, photographers will have access to an even larger client base.
Gary finished by telling us “Next year we look forward to launching a more comprehensive and faster payment system to benefit all of our Splash contributors which we will be announcing very soon.”
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