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Spotted: Paul Friesen – Channel Sales Manager at 500px ‘My New Favourite Photographer’

This is what all photo agency owners and staff should be doing, and so few do – looking, enjoying and writing about their contributors.
PAN spotted an article below written by photo agency 500px Channel Sales Manager Paul Friesen on his Linkedin page – so we contacted him and asked to reproduce it…

© Michael O’Neal/500px – Nine transient bison outside of Kelly, Wyoming – click it

My New Favourite Photographer
As someone who works at a photography company, I tend to have a new favourite photographer each week. I bounce from one stunning portfolio to the next, hardly stopping at times. There are a number of great places to get your photography fix these days, although I’m a little biased when it comes to one particular place. Hint hint – it’s in the profile.

With that said, I still spend time on Instagram, Exposure and other photo-sharing platforms and am blown away by the talent and skill of so many different artists. It can be overwhelming at times to look at scores of images, but it’s also really inspiring. There’s always something fresh and unique to keep you engaged.

This week I’m hooked on Michael O’Neal. His photographs pull you into his world, whether it’s a larger than life landscape shot or a beautiful portrait that stops you in your tracks. Sometimes all an amazing photograph needs to do is remind you to stay creatively focused. That’s how I feel when I see these images.

Check out some of his work, where I work:

PFriesen 500px_logo_darksmall
Paul Friesen

Cheers Paul …So many photo libraries are being left behind by not connecting/retweeting industry info to their followers, (so many forget their followers are hungry for info and LOVE photography) 500px probably have a marketing budget many would dream of but this sort of info from Paul is organic and cannot be bought with dollars. Which is why we have run it.

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