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Stipple Launches ‘Lens’ – For Photo Agencies

San Francisco-based image technology company, Stipple, have launched Stipple Lens, a web-based service that licenses and monetizes editorial photos by connecting images to accurate search and social shopping information.
They Say: “Lens is a web-based application that enables the content contained in photos to be accurately tagged. Lens distributes the information to all copies of an image throughout the web. Lens also finds lost images and reconnects those images with their owner, ensuring that the agency receives proper credit and revenue from those images. With Lens, it is now possible to track and monetize web-based photos throughout their life on the web”.
Stipple Lens licenses more than 100,000 new editorial images per month from top photo agencies, including Abaca USA, Admedia, Buzz Foto, PictureGroup, Sipa, Starmax, Startraks and Zuma.
Paul Melcher at Stipple told “Stipple might just be the web solution that all photo agencies have been waiting for. It is certainly a welcome additional revenue stream for photo agencies with huge potential.”