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Stock photo agency wins $403,500 from textbook publisher – ‘willful copyright infringement’

Copyright infringement law firm Harmon & Seidman LLC has announced: ‘Jury awards our client $403,500 for John Wiley & Son’s willful copyright infringement of six photographs’ – ‘After a six day trial, in which textbook publisher John Wiley was shown to have exceeded the limits of licenses issued by our client Panoramic Stock Images LLC, a Chicago jury found Wiley liable for willful copyright infringement and returned a verdict of $150,000 for one image, $62,500 each for four images, and $3,500 for a sixth image. Wiley argued the total award should be less than $12,500 at most because Wiley’s infringements were insignificant and mere mistakes. The evidence exposed Wiley’s widespread copyright infringements, including ongoing infringements, and Wiley’s failure to pay photographers for known unauthorized uses.’