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Stock Photo Of The Week – Royal ‘Snapshotters’ 1912 – We Have The Photo!

This photo was bought to our attention by photo library Mary Evans they say: ..’Just posted a photo on our homepage of Alfonso XIII from the Bystander of 25th September 1912. Simple photo of him talking to an unidentified woman with a photographer holding a box camera in the background. What makes it though is the caption in the Bystander which reads, ‘Our sympathies to his majesty, King Alfonso. He cannot even converse with a pretty woman without being surrounded by snapshotters. This lurid example was itself snapshotted, to our profound regret, during the King’s recent visit to San Sebastien.’ They still printed the picture though!! Nothing seems to have changed 100 years on, except that back then, the equipment was a lot more basic!!’
License it here