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Storm Stock offers Hurricane Dorian on 4K

The StormStock team was in the Bahamas to document the fury of Hurricane Dorian

Informative straight-to-the-point email prompter for news desks and content researchers here from extreme weather photo agency Storm Stock. Reads like this:

Hurricane Dorian became the most destructive tropical cyclone ever to strike the Bahamas when she made landfall earlier this year. Maximum winds were 185 mph which made Dorian a Category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, with EF4 winds on the Enhanced Fujita tornado intensity scale.

The StormStock team was in the Bahamas to document the days prior, during, and after the storm on 4K video.

This content is available for license in documentaries, TV commercials, films and other media projects from StormStock.

Watch the Hurricane Dorian footage screener here.

Access the StormStock Hurricane Dorian video preview clip folder now.

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