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Support PAN friend Paula Foreman who will swim Loch Ness for Cancer Research

Paula taking a break from training

A remarkable swimming challenge will be taking place on Lock Ness next week by Paula Foreman a friend of the PAN office.

Paula is a friend and work college of my wife Katharine. Katharine’s cancer has returned. Paula will be attempting to swim the cold, gruelling, 23 mile length of Loch Ness in aid of Cancer Research after hearing Katharine’s cancer journey.

From Paula’s Just Giving page: ‘Paula was deciding on which charity to represent when she met a newly found work friend. On their second meet, Katharine told Paula that there was something that had been so much a part of her life, she wanted Paula to be aware so that she could get to understand her better as a friend.’

‘KC went on to explain that her cancer story started in 2013 with breast cancer and a full mastectomy – in 2014 she had bowel cancer and underwent a bowel resection. In 2015 the bowel cancer had metastasised to her liver and she had a liver resection. in 2018 the bowel cancer was found in her lungs which over the next 2 years resulted in 3 lung resections. All of these included a mixture of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.’

‘But did Paula have a poorly lady sitting in front of her – far from it – this lady was beautiful, strong, healthy and cancer free and had been for 3 years. The adversity this strong woman had gone through was astounding. It just goes to prove – it was worth the fight!!!! Decision made – Cancer Research was the charity that Paula wanted to represent.’

‘Since then, KC has sadly found that the cancer has returned but in the last few months a new treatment has been made available as a result of the research. KC will commence treatment shortly and, of course, we send her all our love and best wishes – Keep Fighting The Fight Katharine!!!!’

… Read on and please support cancer research through Paula’s swim here.

• Paula is no stranger to long distance swimming. After swimming various distance events around the country, including 10.5 miles in Lake Windermere, in 1992 she swam from England to France and, as if that was not far enough, the following year, she swam from England to France and back again! She became the 5th woman in the world to have completed the Double Channel. After 17 years of ‘resting’ from swimming, she more recently became a member of the World’s First ladies relay team to swim around the Isle of Wight. …

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