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Survey: Extended Collective Licensing (ECL)

This in from Linda Royles
By October this year copyright legislation will change so that authorised legal entities will be able to reuse and collect payments for re-use of creators works even if they are not members of a collecting society. This change in legalisation (ECL) will affect all creators in the UK whether they have published their works or made these available via social media sites.

Creators who are not happy with this arrangement will have the opportunity to opt out:
a) all schemes prior to an ECL commencement or
b) specific licenses which may or may not contain your work within 21 days from the published notice.

This survey is your opportunity to have a say about ECL and specifically the opted out process.
This questionnaire should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Surveys will be collected up till 12pm 17 June 2014.
Thank you

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