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Tender process open: Kenya News Agency (KNA) – full media assets to be digitised – 500K images – 6000 hours of video ++

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The photos video and audio news archives of the Kenya News Agency (KNA) are to be digitised by the The Information and Communication Technology Authority (ICTA) – a Government of Kenya state Corporation under the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology. Kenya News Agency (KNA) was established on December 5th 1963, a week to Kenya’s Independence. It specializes in news gathering across the country and news dissemination for local and international news agencies.

ICTA say: • Why digitise? – ‘Photos in the KNA Library are a national treasure. The images and negatives are currently stored in brown envelopes and metal cabinets at the KNA office at the Department of Information, Ministry of ICT located at Uchumi House, Aga Khan Walk, Nairobi. Without air-conditioning or special protection from improper handling, dust, mold or insects, the risk of damage and deterioration to the collection is high. Due to the nature of photographic materials, the paper they are printed on is also deteriorating.’
• Limited access and visibility: ‘The KNA collection is currently underutilized due to difficulty of retrieving the photos, lack of an adequate index to the collection and lack of awareness by the public of its existence. This has resulted in potential consumers missing out on this wealth of information. For the Government of Kenya this represents an untapped source of revenue as it could licence rights to persons and institutions who may wish to purchase the photos for their own use.
• Will the online photos be free? Watermarked low-res digital copies of Kenya News Agency multimedia assets will be viewable free of charge online. The Kenya News Agency will offer licences for personal and commercial reproduction and reuse of its assets. The collection will feature a mix of free public access licenses and fee-based licences. The agency has not yet determined the fee structure for the various licenses it will offer, however it is the intention to create competitive fee structure that is in-line with market competitor fees.
• Who is funding the digitization project? ‘The Government of Kenya received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of Kenya Transparency & Communications Infrastructure Project (KTCIP). KTCIP is executed by the ICT Authority under the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology. The ICT Authority will apply part of these funds to KNA Digitization project.’

Read more and tender docs for the project here