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The Library of Congress need help captioning 40,000 images – Harris & Ewing photo archive 1905-45

The Library of Congress needs help identifying around 40,000 images from the studio of Harris & Ewing (George Washington Harris and Martha Ewing) who photographed life in Washington, D.C., providing sometimes dramatic and sometimes humorous coverage of people, events, and architecture during the period 1905-1945.
They say: ‘Many of the photographs in the collection of more than 40,000 glass negatives have detailed captions provided by the studio; others have no caption at all.’
Newspapers and other publications used Harris & Ewing photographs, so publications from the period may provide some leads. Another clue may be the photographs that surround the image in the negative file. With each photo, we’ve provided a link to the image and its “neighboring” images in the Prints & Photographs Online Catalog. Put on your deerstalker (Sherlock Holmes hat) and enjoy!
View and help here