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To drone or not to drone – the increasing interest in camera drones for editorial use

Updated: April 16
The Columbus Dispatch website reports on a videographer/remote-controlled airplane hobbyist being charged for flying his camera drone over a traffic accident: ‘Kele Stanley has been charged with a felony because officials say he refused to land the camera-equipped drone that he had been guiding over a traffic crash scene, but he says he is no idiot.’ …full article here

Drone shot ©David Jacobs
March 20 2014
PAN has been having increasing conversations about the use of camera drones with photo agency owners and freelance photographers. Conflicting reports on what you can and cannot do within the law – do you need a license to fly something in public air space? – do you just bat on as Brian Wilson did flying his drone over and around the scene of the gas explosion in Harlem last week for around 30 mins until the police asked him to land it. Poynter has great coverage on the subject with footage and links.

David Jacobs – founder of sports photo agency Action Images – has been experimenting with a drone over the last few months and tells us: ‘Drones are great fun and offer wonderful videography as well as stills for photographers but the risks are phenomenal ..flying one over the public is probably uninsurable. When used in open land for land boundary disputes and estate agency there is a whole new marketplace. And – the learning curve for using one of these things is massive.”

Great use of Drone photography here from Panos contributing photographer ‘Drone Pilot’ Fredrik Naumann.

This is what happens when a Drone ditches -luckily it hit the water not the crowd x factor series 10 2013 camera drone crash

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