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Topfoto updates website – features endless scrolling + drag & drop

“Everything is working perfectly and absolutely fabulous to use. We haven’t come across anything yet for which we have questions, or which are causing us any problems. Wonderful site.”
Customer report, daily use for 1 month during TopFoto’s final test period, contributed 22.01.2013

A great update here from UK based photo library TopFoto who are online with a brand new website Highlights of the new site include speed, endless scrolling, new lightbox features including magnets, “new” tagging, image attribute and collection searching.
They say – ‘In the 90s TopFoto was one of the first photo agencies in the world to go digital and offer “high speed” ISDN delivery. Later in 1998, TopFoto’s website went live with a thousand images. Today, TopFoto has 10 million images with 5 million images searchable online. TopFoto’s staggering breadth and depth outgrew the existing system, as did publishers’ requirements. So in 2011 TopFoto began co-developing the future with Imageflows, a digital asset management system architected from the ground up with fast searching and a myriad of features to make research easier and faster.’
New site features include:
• Endless scrolling – no more clicking next, previous
• Drag and drop images directly into your active lightbox
• Refine your search by a collection, set of collections, image attributes and search term stacking
• Browse your search and download history
• Enhanced lightbox features to help you build, share, email and download lightboxes more easily
View, search and license ‘images of nearly everything’ at the new site: