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Two major European photojournalism agencies join forces

Two of the strongest photojournalism agencies in Europe, Amsterdam based  NOOR and Stockholm based Kontinent have joined forces in a ‘Cultural Partnership’ which will see them working together initially on – ‘but not limited to’ – exhibitions and seminars in an agreement they say ‘will enable them to reach a wider public audience’.

Kontinent say: ‘NOOR embody ideals very close to our own.’We wish to bring important stories to a larger audience and inspire positive change. This partnership will help us both at a time when honest photojournalism is needed more than ever. We will be able, not only to reach more people, but also to work on important new projects.’
NOOR say: ‘Kontinent is an independent photo agency, run by its photographers, standing by its founding principle of giving voice to the voiceless. We are happy to share the same values. NOOR started 10 years ago because together NOOR photographers were able to “make changes” through photography, making stories that would impact humanity. NOOR is a family, a place where photographers can unite their individual visions and reflections and have full control of their professional lives and projects. ‘

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