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UPDATE: Max B. Miller Owner Of Photos International Dies

Industry Reaction:
UPDATE: 27 Jan
Brad Elterman – Buzz Foto: “I met Max Miller around 1975 I when I was a teenager just getting into the photo industry. This was a magical period to be photographer covering Hollywood and pop culture. Max was full of stories about real movie stars and I was all ears. He was a pioneer in photo syndication who traveled the globe and knew the industry well. Fotos International and his wonderful number one photographer Frank Edwards covered every inch of Hollywood. Max was on the guest list for everything and magazines published volumes of his photos every week. With many of the great publicists and fellow celebrity photographer now gone, I assume that the business had changed for Max during the last few years. He came from an era where the talent, the publicist and the magazines would treat the photographer with great respect. Not only has the photo industry lost Max, but also the end of a great era.”
Max Miller, photographer and owner of LA based celebrity photo syndication agency Fotos International, has died aged 73. He died in an apparent suicide on Monday 17th Jan.
According to an online profile Max had run his agency since 1976. Since 1974 his images have been represented by Rex Features in London and Keystone Press Agency in Canada. Also with Pictorial Parade, Archive Photos, and Image Bank which are now part of Getty Images.
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UPDATE: 23 Jan –
Pino Granata “The news of the suicide of Max B. Miller it’s a very, very sad one. I’ve known Max for almost 45 five years. Not an easy guy. Very controversial. I enjoyed a lot talking with Max about classical music, philosophy, politics, movies and literature. Max was very fond of all these matters. To work with him was not very easy. He tried very hard to keep the pace with the new technology and was not always was very successful. He sent me an email almost a year ago, offering to work with him. I told him that I was interested but he stopped communicating. The news of his death is tragic. All my sympathy to his widow and son.”