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View: Nature Picture Library contributing photographers 2014 photo awards success

Photo © Bruno D’Amicis /

UK based Nature Picture Library have started their 2015 announcements with a round-up of contributors success in the major European photography competitions of 2014.
They say: We’d like to congratulate all our photographers on their awards success in 2014 and we hope for more good news in 2015.

Here’s the lineup:
• Neil Aldridge was overall winner of the GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
• Alex Badyaev, Bruno D’Amicis, Tim Laman and Bence Mate were all category winners in the 50th Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
• Ben Cranke, Pal Hermansen and Sven Zacek won first prizes in the Melvita awards.
• Pete Cairns, Alex Mustard, Andrew Parkinson and Nick Upton each won a category of the British Wildlife Photography Awards.

All the winning images are showcased here and are available to license.