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View: ‘Vision of War’ – the story of nine Daily Mirror photographers covering WW1

Fergus McKenna, Head of Syndication & Licensing at Mirror Group, has published a web feature called ‘Vision of War’ which follows the nine Daily Mirror journalists who are known to have served either as press or official photographers within one or more theatres of the First World War.

….’As the official photographer for the British Army, Brooks was one of at least fourteen such men serving on the Western Front. These were made up of agency, freelance and press photographers, almost all of the latter category being from The Daily Mirror. In total the paper provided nine men who covered the war either in an official British or Allied capacity. They were commissioned to take pictures in every sense of the word, being made lieutenants and therefore subject to military rules and regulations’….. read the story here

‘Vision of War’ is an example of a new partnership between Trinity Mirror and an Australian-based application called Shorthand.
Fergus said: “In the build-up to the anniversary of the First World War our archivists spent a considerable amount of time researching the largely forgotten story of our photographers and how they played such an important role in covering the conflict.
“Records are sadly sparse, but even from the little we have been able to uncover it is clearly a remarkable tale and hopefully giving it this treatment on goes some way to doing it justice.”
Steve Anglesey, Head of Digital Business Development, said: “Mirrorpix have delivered a stunning and powerful use of Shorthand, a visual storytelling aid which enables us to deliver immersive longform content for digital.