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Watch: 1 million AI stock photo faces created

Montage supplied ©GeneratedPhotos

AI photo agency Generated Photos launched last year with 100K AI created faces – now they are back with a few more – one million! with a additions to the offering:

  • More padding around the tops of heads
  • Greater age range
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Smarter custom ordering
  • Remove from the database option
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Squashed bugs

They say: It has been a wild 7 months since we first released the 100K faces project. No one could have predicted what would happen in the world, but as luck would have it we are a remote team and in quarantine times we are able to keep working.

Today we are launching the Generated Photos platform on Product Hunt. This release features the addition of 1 million faces generated from a new ML model we have finished training.

These faces are special as they were trained on new, un-edited source photos featuring non-professional models that have been photographed in our studio for the past 3 months. Realism requires a certain level of imperfection, which these new faces are designed to show.

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