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Watch: ‘Ask James’ – CEO tackles Alamy contributors questions via video

↑ James gets cracking on the list of Alamy contributor questions – click it

Last month we mentioned James West, Alamy CEO, was back for another round of contributor questions. Questions are in and James answers via video above.
Here are the highlights:
• Sales (00.32 – 05.40) – James talks about the change in the market, the creative collection and the success of the US office ‘When we opened the office in 2008, US sales were about 30% of Alamy’s direct sales and it’s now 60%, so the office has been a huge success.’
• Pricing & Licensing (05.41 – 09.36)
• Find out about why we tried 10 year licences on iQ and what we do about unreported uses.
• Our contributors (09.37 – 13.32) – Want to know what’s happening about lowering the payment threshold and what we’ve invested the money in since the commission change? James covers it all in this section.
……and he answered a couple of extra questions at the end about newspapers and big contracts.